Densah® Versah Burs

The Densah® Bur technology has been an invaluable addition to our practice, allowing for more seamless and smooth implant placement. The technology is based on a novel biomechanical bone preparation technique called “osseodensification.” Unlike traditional dental drilling techniques, osseodensification does not excavate bone tissue. Rather, bone tissue is simultaneously compacted and auto-grafted in outwardly expanding directions from the osteotomy. When a Densah® Bur is rotated at high speed in a reversed, non-cutting direction with steady external irrigation, a strong and dense layer of bone tissue is formed along the walls and base of the osteotomy. Dense compacted bone tissue produces a stronger foundation for your dental implant and may facilitate faster healing.

Drs. Lustbader, Gu, Wilson, and Shemkus at South Shore Oral Surgery Associates and Dental Implant Center of Quincy, Massachusetts uses revolutionary Densah® Versah Burs technology to prepare the bone to receive a dental implant. it helps to preserve bone and reduce healing time. Contact our Quincy Office to schedule a consultation to learn more. Call us today at (617) 773-9500.

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