Smart Denture Conversion

 The Separable Fastener

The Smart Denture Conversions’ system prevents the need for large holes in the Denture by allowing a closed-tray pickup.  This is all made possible by fastening the TiBases to the multi-unit abutment with a special prosthetic screw that can seperate into two pieces for the pickup, allowing the denture to be removed from the mouth prior to major modifications.  This magical prosthetic screw is what we call, the Separable Fastener.

Why use Smart Denture Conversion?


Processing time is just 30 MINUTES versus
the traditional two hours, due to the provisional
prosthesis being duplicated for the final.
Overall treatment duration is significantly reduced.


Smaller pilot holes help
reduce fractures by preserving the
structural integrity of the prosthesis.


Better contours without the need to
unnecessarily bulk the prosthesis.
Better occlusion using a closed
mouth pickup, reducing the need
for occlusal adjustments.


Outdated traditional conversion methods
are inaccurate, messy and inefficient.
Chairtime is a valuable, finite resource…work smarter!

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