Osstell ISQ Implant Stability Meter

Implant treatment is one of the most predictable dental therapies, with near-perfect success rates. But the nature of the treatment is evolving, with more patients asking for immediate placement of their implants, while patients who were not candidates for implants are now seeking the treatment.

Complete Diagnostics System

Demand for early implant placement and treatment requests from high-risk patients call for more capable diagnostic tools. The Osstell ISQ, shown here, is such a tool. It’s a complete diagnostics system for determining dental implant stability.

Dental implants require that the bone be completely remodeled around the implants to maximize stability prior to attaching replacement teeth. Osstell ISQ provides doctors at the South Shore Oral Surgery Associates of Quincy with the accurate, consistent and reliable stability measures needed so he can make informed placement decisions and ensure high-quality success in implant treatment.