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South Shore Oral Surgery Dr Gu Zygomatic implantWhat makes zygomatic implant different?

This is a dental implant technique that is exclusively used in the upper jaw (maxilla) in situations where a patient has suffered severe bone loss and would otherwise not be able to have regular or conventional implant treatment. 

An additional and unique feature of this zygomatic implant treatment is the fact that the dental component (fixed denture or new teeth) must be delivered on the SAME day as the surgical installation of the implants. This results in an immediate and very appreciated functional transformation for patients. 


What are zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are not that different from regular dental implants. A standard implant is when incisions are made into the jaw or skull to support the implant (such as a titanium screw) that holds, say, a denture or a crown. 


Where zygomatic implants differ is that the implant mechanism is longer and, instead of being anchored in the jaw or skull, is anchored in the dense bone that forms the cheekbone. It might help to visualize it, so let’s take a look at how zygomatic implants are structured.

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Who Can Place Zygomatic Implants

The surgical skill involved in placing zygomatic implants requires extensive expertise, experience, and training. At South Shore Oral Surgery Associates, our doctors have been trained by the world renowned doctors. There are few surgeons in the world who have the skills and qualifications to competently place zygomatic implants.

Who should consider zygomatic implants?

Have you ever been denied a dental implant? If the reason was due to significant bone loss in the upper jaw, then zygomatic implants might be right for you. Traditional dental implants wouldn’t be suitable due to a lack of supportive bone volume, however zygomatic implants solve this problem by shifting the support of your denture to the zygomatic bones.


What makes this procedure work?

What allows this procedure to be so effective is the density of the zygomatic bone that supports the implants. This is a particularly strong bone that offers predictable and stable anchorage (or ‘osseointegration’); in layman’s terms, it shifts the ‘grunt work’ that your jaw would do to hold your implant in place to bones slightly above the jaw but just as strong.


Should you consider a zygomatic implant?

One of the main reasons patients undergo this procedure is that they are seeking to improve their quality of life. Is your current solution preventing you from eating foods you love? With such implants you would regain significant chewing strength, not to mention improved speech.

At South Shore Oral Surgery Associates in Quincy, the dental implant process is a team-base approach involving you, your oral surgeon, who first places the implant, and your dentist who the restores the implant with a crown or bridge. Together, both will develop a treatment plan or a solution of choices that best meets your particular needs.

If you would like to find out more, call South Shore Oral Surgery Associates today at: (617) 773-9500 to schedule a consultation.

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